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chouette !

Posted by
[email protected] (Granby, Québec, Canada) on 25 March 2008 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

© Mathieu Chassé 2008

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Voici une photo d'une chouette rayée (je crois...)
que j'ai eue la chance de capter en liberté, ici à Granby.
Elle est très imposante, environ 50-60 cm
et elle ricane d'une façon démoniaque...


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Eleftheria, 9 years old, from Athens, Greece

Wonderful winter scene!

25 Mar 2008 6:30am

@Eleftheria, 9 years old,: Σας ευχαριστούμε Ελευθερία!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Our first comment today,
bravo and merci (oops!) thank you!

gilles d.

Vikram from Mesa, United States

Excellent composition!

25 Mar 2008 6:50am

@Vikram: And to say the owl came right into town! In the name of Mathieu, thank you for the compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

So beautiful. The owl is gorgeous and the image just super. I like it very much.

25 Mar 2008 7:18am

@Michael Skorulski: We are glad you like it!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

vera from Philippines

bel effet sous filtre des froozen mood-

25 Mar 2008 7:47am

@vera: Merci beaucoup au nom de Mathieu,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Craig from Vacaville, California, United States


25 Mar 2008 7:52am

@Craig: Thanks for the compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Ina from Krugersdorp, South Africa

Wow, never seen that before, poor owl! Amazing how they survive. Great shot

25 Mar 2008 8:15am

@Ina: They are pretty tough, some even live up in the Arctic, thanks for the compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

João Mourão from Amadora, Portugal

Excellente photographie. Ça c'est super.

25 Mar 2008 9:31am

@João Mourão: Obrigado muito!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

medam961 from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What a beautiful owl! Great shot, indeed!

25 Mar 2008 9:53am

@medam961: Puno hvala Medam,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Celialee from Kyoto, Japan

It is a beautiful image! Surrounded by all the snow.....

25 Mar 2008 9:58am

@Celialee: Thank you very much Celilalee,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Teresa Durães from Portugal

great shot indeed! lovely composition

25 Mar 2008 10:07am

@Teresa Durães: Obrigado muito Teresa!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

StarCosmosBleu from Bedford.Qc, Canada

Incroyable!..ta trouvé ça dans région de Granby...une superbe prise.....et dans une belle scène hivernal...un oiseau utilisé dans tant de contexte...livre ,film....il y a une aura de mystère autour de ce genre d,oiseau...la science nous révèle que c,est le visage complet qui est leur radar pour s,orienté....le savais tu...bonne journée

25 Mar 2008 10:10am

@StarCosmosBleu: Au nom de Mathieu merci beaucoup Marcel!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Patrice Bouvier from Canada

Merci quelle belle photographie !

25 Mar 2008 10:19am

@Patrice Bouvier: Merci pour le compliment Patrice!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Suzanne Labbé from Granby, Québec, Canada

Mathieu, c'est super ! Il y a eu quelques mentions d'observation de chouette rayée à Granby cet hiver mais très peu et je cherche toujours la mienne. Bravo pour cette photo.

25 Mar 2008 10:28am

@Suzanne Labbé: Un grand merci au nom de Mathieu,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Graça B. from Lisboa, Portugal

A picture wonderfully cold! :)

25 Mar 2008 10:47am

@Graça B.: Yes, but the bird is used to it :-) Obrigado for your comment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

The poor bird looks absolutely frozen in this cold scene. A wonderful capture.

25 Mar 2008 12:09pm

@Viewfinder: Don't forget it has a very efficient winter coat! :-) Thanks for the compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Scarabaeus from Manchester, United Kingdom

Lovely shot, I wouldn't want to be that bird. What kind of owl is it?

By the way, I believe to have fixed all the commenting problems on my blog. Please let me know if you find anymore.

25 Mar 2008 1:37pm

@Scarabaeus: Don't forget it's a Canadian bird, a little cold won't harm it! :-)
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Johanne Prescott from Granby,Québec, Canada

Très impressionnante cette photo, bravo Mathieu, tu en as de la chance :))

25 Mar 2008 1:44pm

@Johanne Prescott: Merci beaucoup au nom de Mathieu Johanne!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Daroru from Amagasaki, Japan

C'est super chouette!

25 Mar 2008 3:16pm

@Daroru: C'est le cas de le dire! :-) Merci beaucoup,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Martin Delorme from Canada

Wow!!! excellent, tu es chanceux d'avoir pu prendre cette photo. Bravo!!!

25 Mar 2008 5:02pm

@Martin Delorme: Merci beaucoup Martin!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

danthro from Suburbia, United States

wow. beautiful capture. great composition. beautiful owl. it must be very cold though.

25 Mar 2008 5:06pm

@danthro: Don't forget the owls are even hardier than us Canadians, they also have a better winter coat! :-)
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Vida from Tehran, Iran

lovely composition and fabulous bird. well done.

25 Mar 2008 7:50pm

@Vida: Certainly different from this bird! Thank you!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

How wonderful to capture this magnificent bird in a winter setting. Really beautiful.

25 Mar 2008 7:52pm

@MaryB: Thank you in the name of Mathieu. And how about this winter bird?
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Michael from Wuppertal, Germany

Another WOW! shot, excellent!

25 Mar 2008 8:03pm

@Michael: Und dazu muss man sagen das es in der Stadt war! Vielen Dank,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

standley from brou-sur-chantereine, France

Très belle composition. J'aime beaucoup les tons!

25 Mar 2008 8:06pm

@standley: Ce sont les tons d'hiver.... :-) Merci,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Cathie et Michel from Paris, France

belle chouette dans un paysage magnifique

25 Mar 2008 8:11pm

@Cathie et Michel: En plus c'était en ville! Merci au nom de Mathieu,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

The poor owl looks so cold in this detailed capture. The markings of the feathers add a nice dimension to the photo. I only hope it wasn't a photo taken recently and that the weather is more "spring-like." :-)

25 Mar 2008 9:28pm

@Steven: As I said, owls are pretty tough and they have a good winter coat! As for the weather, we still have a solid snow cover and are bound to have a few more snowfalls before the end of the season, like this night we are supposed to get one more inch. Thank you for your visit,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

shahab from Qazvin, Iran

Awesome shot!I like the coldness of this shot!

25 Mar 2008 9:48pm

@shahab: Yes, the colors are cold in this one. In the name of Mathieu thanks for the compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Paul Wright from Wiltshire, United Kingdom

This reminds me of a Robert Bateman painting. He is also Canadian I believe. Beautiful shot, everything works perfectly.

25 Mar 2008 9:53pm

@Paul Wright: You are right on both counts, the photo has a similarity with Robert Bateman's style, and he was born in Toronto. Thank you for your kind works on Mathieu's photo,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Gilles Martineau from Granby, Quebec, Canada

Quelle chance ou quelle patience tu as eu pour photographier cette chouette. Malgré les conditions de chute de neige, tu as sorti une belle qualité de photo.

25 Mar 2008 10:07pm

@Gilles Martineau: Merci au nom de Mathieu,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Rita Garcia from Lisbon, Portugal

What an amazing moment! Perfect!

25 Mar 2008 10:08pm

@Rita Garcia: Obrigado muito, and I like this very different bird!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Jean-Guy Archambault from Granby, Canada

Superbe photo Mathieu! Cadrage superbe, l'ambiance bleutée donne un effet de froid qui convient parfaitement. Bravo!

25 Mar 2008 10:11pm

@Jean-Guy Archambault: Merci pour le compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Brites from Povoa de Santa Iria, Portugal

Absolutly superb capture!

25 Mar 2008 11:40pm

@Brites: Obrigado muito!

gilles d.

Betty from United States

I really envy photographers that can find these types of shots! Wonderful work! Excellent!

26 Mar 2008 12:46am

@Betty: THX!
But, with this kind of shot,
you don't have to envy anyone.

gilles d.

Tracey from Baltimore, United States

Absolutely fantastic! Brrr...makes me feel cold!

26 Mar 2008 2:10am

@Tracey: THX Tracey!
« ... Brrr...makes me feel cold! »
Just close the windows!

gilles d.

Elisa from Massachusetts, United States

wow shot!! it's just amazing.... excellent capture!

26 Mar 2008 2:16am

@Elisa: You are right, it's a wow shot!
We are very proud of Mathieu.

gilles d.

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

A fantastic capture! I really like this shot of the wild nature at it's best!

26 Mar 2008 2:30am

@Stunner: THX!
I must say Mother Nature is very generous here.

gilles d.

Rags from Plano, United States

amazing shot. Owls scare me and yet they intrigue me. They are such lovely creations. You did take an awesome image. The blueish tint to the image really suits it.

26 Mar 2008 2:36am

@Rags: You are right on all counts Rags,

gilles d.

Nataly from Santa Monica, United States

WOW!!! So unique

26 Mar 2008 4:45am

@Nataly: Thank you
for this comment!

gilles d.

Nina from Hamburg, Germany

Tolle Aufnahme einer hübschen Eule, die sich offensichtlich sehr wohlfühlt.

26 Mar 2008 4:53am

@Nina: Vielen Dank!

gilles d.

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

Voila c'que j'ai a vous dire (parce'qu'elle peut pas parler)*
"Ah, la belle chouette....!
A pas besoin de maisonette,
Elle peut dormir sur un rameau
En bas, aussi bien qu'en haut.
Ricaner ...c'est son metier
Fault pas du tout demoniser
La belle chouette en liberte!"

26 Mar 2008 5:52am

@Japanalia: Wow !
Une chouette poésie sur [email protected] : génial.
Que cette image ait inspiré cette sensibilité
démontre que le photographe a bien atteint son but.

Job done, Mathieu !
Merci beaucoup Gabriela.

gilles d.

[email protected] - gilles daigneault from Granby, Québec, Canada

Parlant de Job done :
cette photo de Mathieu Chassé
est aujourd'hui en vedette dans la section
Aminus3 Spotlight
Highlighting the interesting and the extraordinary...

sur la page d'accueil de am3.

Chouette journée, bravo Mathieu !
Je suis aux anges.

gilles d.

26 Mar 2008 7:51am

Mathieu Chasse from Granby, Québec, Canada

Thanks to all for the comments. Actually, I found out where this owl is living and sleeping (even if it have a verry large hunting territory she seems to come back all the time)....I saw it hunting the other day, she grab a squirrel right in front of me. I will try to take some more pictures when I get a chance. It's pretty big, about 60cm height and it's laughing is demoniac...to be continued.

26 Mar 2008 8:00am

@Mathieu Chasse: « ... to be continued. »
We hope so, mon cher !

Tu as vu ça ?
Bravo !

gilles d.

Mathieu from Granby, Canada

Oh wow, belle visibilité pour [email protected] ça...wouhou.

26 Mar 2008 1:27pm

@Mathieu: On est surtout TOUS bien contents de ça.
C'est un bel encouragement
pour les 38 photographes du photoblogue.

gilles d.
wolfgang p.
gilles m.

Earnest from Oklahoma, United States

Fantastic... and your use of the cool color is great!

26 Mar 2008 1:44pm

@Earnest: Mathieu waits till he gets a snow fall to make a "chouette" shot.
Thank you.
[email protected] - Gilles Martineau

Carolyn from Alta Loma, United States

BEAUTIFUL - fabulous owl and great snow on the bare branches. I love this photo.

27 Mar 2008 4:51am

@Carolyn: Glad you love!
THX for your visit.

gilles d.

Zing from Hamilton, New Zealand

Looks like a painting, great winter scene, nice capture!

27 Mar 2008 5:11am

@Zing: Many thanks
and come again!

gilles d.

[email protected] - gilles daigneault from Granby, Québec, Canada

Nous sommes le 29 mars et déjà 230 visites, wow !
Merci !

gilles d.

27 Mar 2008 8:21pm

Laurent from Lyon, France

instant magique que de pouvoir photographier un animal sauvage. Bravo!

28 Mar 2008 7:44pm

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal


28 Mar 2008 9:11pm

aggie from Singapore, Singapore

Stunning shot! Congrats!
Poor little owl. It looks like a popsicle.

29 Mar 2008 5:37am

Mathieu from Granby, Canada

Thanks again for all the comments and come often on [email protected]!

[email protected] : jetez un œil ! - have a look!

31 Mar 2008 7:57pm

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

great capture!

16 Aug 2008 9:14pm