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le rêve devenu réalité - dream came true

Posted by
[email protected] (Granby, Québec, Canada) on 15 February 2008 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

© Johanne Prescott 2008

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a painter from granby... »


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À tous nos visiteurs : merci de vos commentaires !
Visitors: thank you for your comments!

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

I like his work. It somehow reminds me of HDR photography. A nice happy shot.

15 Feb 2008 6:27am

@Michael Skorulski: D^akujem ti Michael!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

chris chisu from Seattle, United States

Really beautiful.Looks like you can walk straight into it.

15 Feb 2008 6:49am

@chris chisu: Gérard is pretty well known in the area and Johanne made a good shot of him and his large painting. Thanks for your comment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Martin Delorme from Canada

Wow belle photo, belle toile, nous avons du talent à Granby.

15 Feb 2008 7:36am

@Martin Delorme: T'as bien raison, merci Martin,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Wow! He is working with some color there! Great capture!

15 Feb 2008 7:36am

@Craiger: Thanks a lot for your comment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Teresa Durães from Montijo, Portugal

the photo is nice

15 Feb 2008 10:04am

@Teresa Durães: Obrigado!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

[email protected] - gilles daigneault from Granby, Québec, Canada

Je suis assez ravi de cette photo,
Johanne inspirera probablement d'autres participants à [email protected]

Un excellent thème :
les granbyens et leur travail,
les granbyens et leur passe-temps.

gilles d.

Excellent travail, Gérard !

15 Feb 2008 10:43am

medam961 from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I can see a joyful smile of a man who really can be proud of his work which is great; colourful and full of beautiful and interesting details. He must have put lots of effort into it.
Beautiful photo, indeed!

15 Feb 2008 10:53am

@medam961: Puno hvala Medam!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Steven from Montreal, Canada

It looks like an inviting place!

15 Feb 2008 11:06am

@Steven: Thanks Steven!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

It's sometimes hard to tell where photo-processing lets off and real brush strokes begin. This is a very wonderful moment.

15 Feb 2008 1:28pm

@Viewfinder: Thanks for the compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Harald from Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tolle Arbeit. Mir gefällt das Dreidimensionale an dem Gemälde ausgesprochen gut.

15 Feb 2008 2:17pm

@Harald: Vielen Dank Harald...
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Daroru from Amagasaki, Japan

Beautiful painting; warm photograph!

15 Feb 2008 2:33pm

@Daroru: Glad you like it! Gérard seems to be proud of it and Johanne caught his expression well.
[email protected] - Wolfgang

[email protected] from Granby, Québec, Canada

Bravo Johane, tu as bien capté la fierté de l'artiste pour son oeuvre.

[email protected] Gilles Martineau

15 Feb 2008 2:46pm

Marc lapierre from Granby, Canada

Très belle peinture Gérard, il y a beaucoup de talent dans la ville de Granby.

15 Feb 2008 4:09pm

@Marc lapierre: Tu as bien raison, merci de ton commentaire,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Ina from Krugersdorp, South Africa

Excellent work, just love the colors!

15 Feb 2008 7:08pm

@Ina: Thanks Ina!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

standley from brou-sur-chantereine, France

Très belle photo de cette belle toile.

15 Feb 2008 8:39pm

@standley: Merci au nom de Johanne et Gérard Richard,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Cathie et Michel from Paris, France

très belle peinture, bravo à l'artiste

15 Feb 2008 9:14pm

@Cathie et Michel: Merci!
[email protected] - Wolfgang

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

This is wonderful, what a very talented artist.

15 Feb 2008 11:05pm

@MaryB: Thanks for your compliment,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

johanne prescott from granby, Canada

Je suis très fière de cette photo et je suis doublement fière de participer à [email protected]. Merci beaucoup des commentaires.

15 Feb 2008 11:13pm

@johanne prescott: Bravo Johanne et mes compliments à Gérard,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

Michael Rawluk from Prince George, Canada

Very nice. I wish I could paint.

16 Feb 2008 1:41am

@Michael Rawluk: Maybe you could ask Gérard to show you, he taught my daughter... Thanks for your visit,
[email protected] - Wolfgang

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

J'aime beaucoup la face joviale de l'artiste. Cela donne l'echelle de cette peinture qui est tres tres grande.

16 Feb 2008 2:39am

Illuci from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

J'aurais désiré que vous racontez plus du peintre et son oeuvre. Qu'est-ce 'qu'était son rêve, qu'est-ce que sa peinture a voir avec son rêve? Photo très remarquable, elle me fait curieux. J'aime la peinture aussi, elle me semble inspirée par la photographie dans les couleurs, l'objet, le "POV" etc. Mes félicitations, Mr. Desrochers!

16 Feb 2008 10:02am

Brites from Lisboa, Portugal

Um retrato de alta qualidade.

16 Feb 2008 9:35pm

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

I like the painter's happy face! The painting cannot be seen enough to permit some appreciations, I just can say I like the colours.

17 Feb 2008 3:35am

Laurent from Lyon, France

très belle photo de l'artiste et de sa peinture.
bravo aux artistes (photographe et peintres)

21 Feb 2008 6:35am