sushi bar

Posted by vu@granby (Granby, Québec, Canada) on 11 February 2008 in Architecture and Portfolio.

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chris chisu from Seattle, United States

Very beautiful. I don't care what others say,but personally i am happy HDR exists.

11 Feb 2008 5:52am

@chris chisu: I'm not familiar with HDR but this is something that Marc succeeds well.

Thanks for your visit
vu@granby - Gilles Martineau

If you want to see another example of Marc's ability in HDR, have a look here...
vu@granby - Wolfgang Prigge

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

Excellent presentation! Did you try the sushi?

11 Feb 2008 6:11am

@Japanalia: I didn't try the sushi there, maybe Marc did? (My daughter makes a mean sushi...) Thank you for the compliment,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

I like the color and composition . It has that slightly surreal illustration look that HDR gives.

11 Feb 2008 7:06am

@Michael Skorulski: You are right, HDR gives a surreal impression, thanks for your comment,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Ina from Krugersdorp, South Africa

Almost look like a drawing! Nice work, I like it!

11 Feb 2008 8:03am

@Ina: Marc has other very good photos on his website.

vu@granby - Gilles Martineau

Illuci from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

I like it very much! The illusion that it's an artifact, not representing the real situation makes us aware of the real situation namely that we live in a world of illusions: the traffic lights and the ugly building behind the sushi bar combined with the traditionally-Japanese retaurant architecture seems to be unreal, but knowing it's a photo makes it real. Reminds me of the huge Chinese restaurant in traditional Chinese architecture built in our Dutch polders, surrounded by windmills and located at a highroad. Thanks for this graphical piece of art!

11 Feb 2008 8:18am

@Illuci: Merci monsieur le philosophe! Vous avez bien raison.... Voor een andere blik op de capaciteit van Marc in HDR, gelieve te kijken hier! Hartelijk dank,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Sidonie from Sydney, Australia

So, THIS is what HDR can do! Looks like a 19th cent Japanese lithograph. Excellent effect.

11 Feb 2008 8:20am

@Sidonie: Thank you very much in the name of Marc,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Illuci from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

Here is the site of the Breukelen hotel-restaurant. Of course you don't see the polders, the highway of the windmills because the Chinese illusion must be maintained :)

11 Feb 2008 8:23am

@Illuci: Thanks for the link!
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Steven from Montreal, Canada

Very nice effect!

11 Feb 2008 9:27am

@Steven: Au nom de Marc, merci pour le compliment,
vue@granby - Wolfgang

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Very nice effect! Well done!

11 Feb 2008 9:30am

@Craiger: If you like Marc's HDR work, have a look here. Thank you for your visit,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Daroru from Amagasaki, Japan

I really did think it was a pastel drawing... impressive!

11 Feb 2008 9:56am

@Daroru: たくさんありがとう, here is more of Marc's HDR work,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Martin Delorme from Canada

Cool du HDR, j'aime les photos en HDR ça donne une impression surnaturelle à la photo, excellente idée.

11 Feb 2008 10:23am

@Martin Delorme: Merci Martin,
vue@granby - Wolfgang

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Fabulous Marc, really like the effect you have created in this.

11 Feb 2008 11:35am

@MaryB: Thank you very much Mary!
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Wow, this is visually transformed into a magical place.

11 Feb 2008 12:50pm

@Viewfinder: For more of Marc's HDR work, look at this. Thank you for your comment,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

J'aime bien le rendu graphique de cette photo, l'effet donné s'adapte bien au sujet et la lumière et les tons sont très agréables.

11 Feb 2008 1:21pm

@Evelyne Dubos: Merci pour votre commentaire.
Nos visiteurs pourraient prendre plaisir à vous visiter.

vu@granby - Gilles Martineau

Steve taylor from United Kingdom


11 Feb 2008 3:47pm

@Steve taylor: Thank you very much Steve. Too bad there is no link to your photo blog...
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

This is so neat! Great work here with this effect!

11 Feb 2008 4:53pm

@Stunner: Thanks for your compliment. Marc has more HDR work on his private blog,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Carmen Lapierre from Granby, Canada

Photo tres intéressante,
tres bien pensé.

11 Feb 2008 5:08pm

@Carmen Lapierre: Merci Carmen!
vu@granby - Wolfgang

ManuelaR from Hainburg, Germany

Interesting graphic effect with excellent tones!

11 Feb 2008 5:10pm

@ManuelaR: Marc hat ein großes Talent für HDR, wie man hier sehen kann. Vielen Dank,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

kurt from Austria

excellent hdr. what a fantastic effect!

11 Feb 2008 5:22pm

@kurt: Vielen Dank! Für mehr HDR Foto von Marc bitte hier schauen,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Helma from Tehran, Iran

Excellent ! very Good effect !
thank you.

11 Feb 2008 5:52pm

@Helma: Thank you very much, Helma!
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Harald from Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Fantastisches HDR-Bild.

11 Feb 2008 7:26pm

@Harald: Ja, Marc ist sehr gut. Hier ist ein anderes HDR-Bild von Marc,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

vu@granby from Granby, Québec, Canada

Je ne connaissais pas le HDR. J'aime ce rendu de photos. Est-ce que cette maison a été faite de la même façon?

vu@granby - Gilles Martineau

11 Feb 2008 7:40pm

Marc from granby, Canada

oui gilles c'est le même programme.


11 Feb 2008 8:07pm

@Marc: Merci pour les précisions, Marc. Peut-tu répondre à la question de Japanalia en haut? Merci,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Michael from Wuppertal, Germany

Amazing hdr shot! Well done!

11 Feb 2008 9:12pm

@Michael: Vielen Dank, Marc hat noch mehr HDR Fotos, zum Beispiel dieses,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

standley from brou-sur-chantereine, France

Très bel effet. J'aime beaucoup

11 Feb 2008 9:21pm

@standley: Merc, il y a un autre de Marc ici,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

Jean-Guy Archambault from Granby, Canada

Wow! Quelle belle photo. J'aime bien ce procédé d'image. Faut que j'essaie ça. Bravo Marc, j'adore ta photo.

11 Feb 2008 11:15pm

@Jean-Guy Archambault: Merci Jean-Guy,
vu@granby - Wolfgang

vu@granby - gilles daigneault from Granby, Québec, Canada

Voici quelques infos qui pourraient vous intéresser :

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gilles d.

12 Feb 2008 4:48am

Laurent from Lyon, France

tout a été dit mais ce n'est pas une raison pour le répéter.
Le traitement HDR est de toute beauté. Félicitations
Et merci pour les liens

21 Feb 2008 6:28am

Marie from FRESNES, France

magnifiques couleurs, et superbe trouvaille.

4 Apr 2008 3:04pm

Olivier Rault from Bayeux, France

J'aime beaucoup le HDR, ici il y a une luminosité exceptionnelle ! J'adore.

8 May 2012 3:05pm


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