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À tous nos visiteurs : merci de vos commentaires !
Visitors: thank you for your comments!

Tali from Serendipity, United States

Neat photo! Stark and yet so peaceful! Well done!

24 Jan 2008 6:31am

@Tali: Thank you for your comment,

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

Nice shot! Calm cold waters flowing under the bridge.

24 Jan 2008 6:35am

@Stunner: Just at the end of the calm waters there is a dam, it was the water intake for one of the industries in town Today this factory has dissapeared... Thanks for your visit,

chris chisu from Seattle, United States

There is an old saying in zen.
Just water under a bridge.
This is like that.

24 Jan 2008 6:38am

@chris chisu: THX Chris!

Just water under a bridge.
Please, tell us the meaning of this old saying.


Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Nice job!

24 Jan 2008 7:26am

@Craiger: Thanks!

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

I like this but I can't quite decide if that's pollution or snow I'm looking at. It has a pink tinge.

24 Jan 2008 7:26am

@Michael Skorulski: « ...a pink tinge... »
you probably have too much red showing on your screen!

This is a nice shot, but I must agree with you,
I am not sure if Marc had a good idea to keep the color on the snow.
I am not sure if I like or dislike this snow.

This is probably why titles are so important,
this picture does not tell us what Marc is thinking.


10cré from Versailles, France

il y a eu un post traitement non ? un désaturation partielle ? vraiment curieuse cette photo :-)

24 Jan 2008 9:24am

@10cré: Attendons le commentaire de l'artiste, Marc Vaudry.....

Steven from Montreal, Canada

You can picture someone looking at this scene from different points (from the bridge, from the ramp on the left, and from the lookout at the far end of the frame. It's a provocative shot.

24 Jan 2008 9:31am

@Steven: A very thoughtful comment, thanks...

Illuci from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

Nice piece of graphics, great composition and atmosphere. I'm sure it's not snow, but color-processed duckweed (which is green in reality). With some pictures (this is one of them) the watcher has to loose himself from reality, and just watch the picture as if it were a charcoal drawing or engraving print. I find it great.

24 Jan 2008 11:00am

Illuci from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

I took a closer watch and maybe it's not duckweed but pollution, but anyway a good artwork.

24 Jan 2008 11:01am

@Illuci: My feeling on this one is that it is simply very wet snow mixed with smaller pieces of ice. We call this slush, and because of the brownish water here it is darker than the normal snow. As for the pollution, we like to think that our river is very polluted, but there is some evidence that it's not too bad, for example just below the dam at the far end of the water (you can't see the dam here) is a good place to catch trout. Although it is not recommended to eat these trout, the simple fact they can survive attests to the relative cleanliness of the water, as trout only survive in clean water...

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

I find the composition interesting, an exercise for the imagination. Could be it doesn't matter what the stuff on the surface is; the passage is the bridge over "troubled waters" in my mind. Or if you prefer, the passage on the water itself is somewhat clogged by the surface material, but that surface material will need to give way as one goes through the water.

24 Jan 2008 11:34am

@Viewfinder: I think you are right, the lower level, just above the water, is a bike-path/walkway that is part of the extensive network of bike trails in our area, it was built under the bridge to allow bikers and pedestrians to pass without waiting for a traffic light. The upper bridge is an important link for local and regional traffic, so the theme of passage is important in Marc's photo. We'll see what he has to say...

Cathie et Michel from Paris, France

belle photo

24 Jan 2008 1:00pm

@Cathie et Michel: Merci,

Scarabaeus from Manchester, United Kingdom

Lovely photo. I like the way it all seems in b/w apart from one part, a good way to emphasize it. Thanks for all the comments on my blog.

24 Jan 2008 5:18pm

@Scarabaeus: Winter in Granby can turn b/w without any processing, let's see what Marc has to say...

Reza from Montreal, Canada

Very nice.

24 Jan 2008 5:24pm

@Reza: Merci Reza!

Ina from Krugersdorp, South Africa

Nice shot!

24 Jan 2008 7:13pm

@Ina: Do you have any snow at all in Krugersdorp? Thank you for your visit,

Michael from Wuppertal, Germany

Sehr stimmungsvoll, love it!

24 Jan 2008 7:32pm

@Michael: Vielen Dank,

alex centrella from fresno, United States

Nice use of selective coloring. The mute color draws your eye into the image.

24 Jan 2008 7:39pm

@alex centrella: About the coloring we'll have to wait for the artist's comments.... Thank you for your visit,

Rabbit from Richmond, United States

Fantastically interesting color selection.

24 Jan 2008 7:51pm

@Rabbit: Thanks Rabbit,

Forouz from ., Germany

It is suspending me between B & W and multicolored photo but I like this feeling... Like it.

24 Jan 2008 8:09pm

@Forouz: Vielen Dank für den Besuch,

standley from brou-sur-chantereine, France

Très belle photo qui porte bien son titre. J'aime beaucoup le graphisme

24 Jan 2008 10:10pm

@standley: Merci. Ce pont et la rivière qui etait utilisé comme force motrice sont le lieu de la naissance de notre ville.

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

It will be interesting to see if Marc has used selective colouring for this, either way, it's a super shot.

25 Jan 2008 12:46am

@MaryB: I agree, Marc's answer will be interesting, and thank you for the compliment,

Rags from Plano, United States

i see this image as an awesome and sad image. We the viewer look into a place which seems to have a story, history and secrets.

25 Jan 2008 3:09am

DaWn.~ from Tehran, Iran


27 Jan 2008 2:01pm