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le feu du matin - morning fire

Posted by
[email protected] (Granby, Québec, Canada) on 2 January 2008 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

© Wolfgang Prigge 2008

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à tous nos visiteurs,
à tous nos amis,
à vous, photographes de [email protected] :
une bonne année 2008
pleine de bonheurs,
des petits et des grands

to all our visitors,
to all our friends,
to you, photographers of [email protected]:
an happy new year
full of happinesses,
small and big

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À tous nos visiteurs : merci de vos commentaires !
Visitors: thank you for your comments!

ColNed Pictures from Amersfoort, Netherlands

Nic eshot amazing colors and have a very nice and happy 2008

2 Jan 2008 8:02am

@ColNed Pictures: Thanks, it was very early in the morning (5:30) with the colors like this for less than 3 minutes, then a long day of rain...

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Awesome silhouette. Beautiful sunset or sunrise!

2 Jan 2008 9:42am

@Craiger: The silhouette is of a dead tree in the field in front of my house. Thanks for the comment,

Cathie et Michel from Paris, France

un beau ciel ce matin!!!

2 Jan 2008 9:59am

@Cathie et Michel: Oui, un cas typique d'être au bon endroit au bon moment, c'est à dire dans ma cuisine à 5:30 du matin...

Illuci from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

The same to you and all your companions behind this wonderful photoblog Wolfgang! Fairytale colors!

2 Jan 2008 11:14am

@Illuci: Bedankt heer Erik van Hurdegaryp,

Laurent from Lyon, France

des couleurs incroyables, la texture fabuleuse des nuages et une très belle silouhette d'arbre pour finir la composition... que du bonheur, Bravo

2 Jan 2008 12:17pm

@Laurent: Merci, mais je n'ai pas beaucoup de mérite, j'étais simplement au bon endroit au bon moment...

medam961 from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’ve never seen such beautiful sky in private. The photo is wonderful!

2 Jan 2008 2:27pm

@medam961: That's the advantage of having a house on a hill with the kitchen window facing east...

Bruno Simard from Canada

Wow, Wolfgang. Superbes couleurs chaudes à souhaits.


2 Jan 2008 2:44pm

@Bruno Simard: Merci Bruno. Pas longtemps après la pluie pour le reste de la journée....

Chipso from Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia

Look like from Africa. Beautiful.

2 Jan 2008 4:05pm

@Chipso: You are right. Before houses were built in the field aross from my house it looked like an African savannah, except there were cows instead of buffalo.... Thanks for your comment,

Sandrine from Cincinnati, United States

great colors! Happy new year!

2 Jan 2008 4:58pm

@Sandrine: Thank you, et la même chose à vous!

Steven from Montreal, Canada

Nice contrast and colors!

2 Jan 2008 5:55pm

@Steven: Merci Steven, and come again,

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Fantastic colours, love the silhouette! :)

2 Jan 2008 6:37pm

@badala: Obrigado, the silhouette is from a dead tree, so there is beauty even in dead things....

Kami from Tehran, Iran

beautiful shot with great colors!

2 Jan 2008 6:46pm

@Kami: Thank you, the colors were a free show...., but they lasted less than 3 minutes!

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Wow, what a cold fiery sky on a winter's morning! Could it be a harbinger of more snow coming? "Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning..." Wolfgang, thanks for coming by my place and for the nice wishes -- I will have to decline on the snow shovel invite. Regrets, mon ami. Lol.

2 Jan 2008 10:39pm

@Viewfinder: Well, that photo was taken on Sept. 6, long before the first snowflakes of the season found their way to Granby. But I have to say that the rain just a couple of hours later that day was quite a downpour, nothing like you get in Florida, but for us it was more than enough. As for the shovelling, I can understand you, but today it was such a superb sunny winter day that the shovel didn't feel that heavy, it was just a teeny bit nippy with 0ºF and a windchill of -10ºF..., a small price to pay for living in our blessed country.

Barbara from Florida, United States

This is a beauty of an image. Stunning colors and silhouette.

3 Jan 2008 1:10am

@Barbara: Thanks. As the saying goes, the best things in life are free, for this show I just had to be there...

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

Wow! Beautiful!

3 Jan 2008 2:02am

@Stunner: Thank you Stunner. You must have beautiful sunrises quite often in Jamaica!

Walt from Scarborough, Canada

Nice one, Wolfgang! Love the rich colours!

3 Jan 2008 2:33am

@Walt: Thanks Walt, but I have really no merit in this, somebody made it for free, I just had to open my eyes...

shahab from Qazvin, Iran

Fabulous shot!Gorgeous color!bravo!

3 Jan 2008 1:18pm

@shahab: Thanks, it was just outside my kitchen window, but lasted less than 3 minutes.

Witchpanther from Torino, Italy


3 Jan 2008 2:28pm

@Witchpanther: Grazie, pantera graziosa!

Michael from Wuppertal, Germany

WOW! Stunning sky!

3 Jan 2008 8:09pm

@Michael: Das war der Blick aus meinem Küchenfenster am 6. September um 5 Uhr 30....

Ale Triskele from Italy

Ciao! foto bellissima e dai colori spettacolari! complimenti!

4 Jan 2008 12:35am

@Ale Triskele: Mille grazie, non ho merito, tutto che abbia dovuto fare abbia dovuto spingere il tasto, era uno spettacolo superbe, ma ha durato soltanto 3 minuti.

Rabbit from Richmond, United States

Love the silhouette on the right hand side.

4 Jan 2008 3:55am

@Rabbit: Yes, this dead tree makes the field look like an African Savannah...

Scarabaeus from Manchester, United Kingdom

I see what you mean, the colours are very similar to mine as well.

10 Jan 2008 10:11pm

@Scarabaeus: Shows that sunrise can be beautiful anywhere on this little planet of ours...

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Définitevement en harmonie, ce matin ;) Bravo Gilles !!!

6 Feb 2008 10:42am

@Lorraine: Pour Wolfgang,
merci Lorraine !

gilles d.

Marie LC from Voiron, France

Tu as raison, cela vaut la peine de se lever tôt pour voir d'aussi beaux ciels. Merci pour ton com, j'apprécie.

6 Jan 2009 4:43pm

@Marie LC: Merci Marie!

[email protected] - Wolfgang

Judy from Brooksville, Florida, United States

Wow, that is beautiful color ........ a great capture!

3 Mar 2009 10:34pm

@Judy: Thanks Judy!

[email protected] - Wolfgang

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