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À tous nos visiteurs : merci de vos commentaires !
Visitors: thank you for your comments!

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Gorgeous church. Beautiful detail.

9 Oct 2007 6:13am

@badala: Au nom de Bruno, obrigado muito, badala!

Paulo Santos from Peso da Régua, Portugal

Interesting framing! Nice colour and detail!

9 Oct 2007 8:38am

@Paulo Santos: Un grand merci de la part de Bruno, cher Paulo, mestre da fotografia animal!

Manuela Photography from Hainburg, Germany

Love the perspective here, great one!

9 Oct 2007 9:11am

@Manuela Photography: Bruno sagt: "Vielen Dank, Manuela!"

Walt from Scarborough, Canada

Very nice shot - love the PP on this!

9 Oct 2007 1:16pm

@Walt: Thanks, Walt, for your regular visits and comments from all of as at granby.aminus3. Bruno will be happy to hear that you like his "chef d'oeuvre"

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

WOW! Stunning shot! Great perspective and composition!

9 Oct 2007 2:12pm

@Stunner: In the name of Bruno, thank you for your kind comments, and from all of us at granby.aminus3, we are glad to have you amoung our regular visitors and we thank you for your feedback! I personally like this one of your photos!

Illuci from Hurdegaryp, Netherlands

The perspective accentuates the direction from which we receive all good :). One can easily notice an arrow in the tower!

9 Oct 2007 2:30pm

@Illuci: Merci beaucoup de la part de Bruno. Nous tous de granby.aminus3 sommes honorés d'avoir un homme d'une grande sagesse comme toi parmi nos visiteurs réguliers. Je vois que toi aussi tu as une photo d'une église dans ton portfolio, celle-ci. Salutations de Granby à Hurdegaryp,

Reza from Montreal, Canada

Very nice. I like the framing here.

9 Oct 2007 3:42pm

@Reza: Bruno will be happy about your comment. Merci de ta visite,

Amir from ?, Iran

I wish it was bigger. The colors are amazing

9 Oct 2007 4:44pm

@Amir: Thank you for your input and for your regular visits, you have a wide variety of styles and subjects in your portfolio!

Harald from Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Beautiful contrast and colors.

9 Oct 2007 5:26pm

@Harald: Vielen Dank im Nahmen von Bruno. Es ist sehr nett Dich als häufigen Gast zu haben. Du hast zwei (Kirche 1, Kirche 2)Kirchen in Deinem Portfolio, aber sie sind natürlich anders als unsere kleine anglicanische Kirche in Granby.

Vanessa from Kent, United Kingdom

Nice shot

9 Oct 2007 5:35pm

@Vanessa: In the name of Bruno, thank you for your comment, and all of us at granby.aminus3 are happy to have you as a regular visitor and commentator. I do not dare to compare our little Anglican church here in Granby with a fine English cathedral, but here we go.
Thanks again,

Evi from Athens, Greece

Beautiful colors, interesting architecture.

9 Oct 2007 7:03pm

@Evi: Σας ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ, Evi, for your regular visits and comments.

Mohamadreza from Melbourne, Australia

Simply, PERFECT. However, I wonder why you didn't remove the shadow on the right bottom side of the photo? Well done,

10 Oct 2007 1:37am

@Mohamadreza: I must agree with you.
It reminds me though: nothing in life is perfect!

THX for your visit.

Rags from Plano, United States

lovely image. Its colors are really rich and the building seems to have a sense of history to it.

10 Oct 2007 2:36am

@Rags: THX for your comment Rags!
Speaking of a lovely image


Hamiza from Canada

Belle composition et très belles couleurs. Belle ligne de conduite vers le sujet principal.
Je vois un léger vignettage au coin supérieur droit ainsi que l'ombre du photographe. C'est la magie du grand angle ;0)


11 Jan 2008 12:53am